We met on Instagram and fell in love before we ever met in person. A shared interest in roadkill portraiture is what brought us together, but what compelled us to exchange numbers and talk every day for 3 months was something that we both sensed below the surface. Nothing about our story is conventional (and it absolutely goes against every warning from our parents against Internet stranger danger), but from the very start, we realized we had a choice to make. Were we willing to take a step into the unknown together? Despite the “what-ifs” and the long-distance logistics, we said yes. And in saying yes to something we couldn’t fully comprehend, God put the opportunities in our path to say “yes” to so many more adventures.

Our 5 years together (3 years married) has seen living room tattoo sessions, game nights, trips around the world, strangers-turned-friends, late night faith talks, miracles witnessed, backroads coasted (once because our brakes went out—oops), seasons of doubt and drought, breakthroughs, teary-eyed car convos, and fears conquered. Maybe our life together so far can be boiled down to this: we’ve seen the world and its people reflect the beauty of their Creator, but we know that sometimes to see that, you’ve gotta look in the shadows, beneath the surface. It will come at you when you least expect it, when you feel as though you’re not ready, and it will transform you from the inside out if you let it.

Our journey started because of photography, but it was ultimately the pursuit of that mysterious, wild beauty that drew us to one another. The beauty that is found in love, death, faith, doubt, smiles, tears, laughs, shouts, & in-between moments that tend to go unnoticed. And maybe for us, photography is simply a means to an end—to chase that beauty down & capture it the best we can. To embrace people & hear their stories. To say “yes,” because even though we can’t be sure what will happen next, we know it’s bound to be life-changing.


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