Customized bundle ideas to maximize your rewards!

Note: you can only earn the free monthly promo items with orders of 100pv+



190-300 PV BUNDLES

Shopping through ER doesn't mean that we spend more money; it means that we're buying things that we would need to purchase anyway, but through Young Living because of the perks & peace of mind! We know that because its Young Living that these products will be non-toxic & made with essential oils. And we earn 20% back on all of our purchases as store credit to spend later, on top of free oils we earn through the monthly promotions! We call this "transfer buying," and we get rewarded just for doing so. EEP!

Check out this shopping list - do you purchase any of these products on a regular basis? If so, Young Living has safer, better alternatives for you, and you can earn money back just for doing so!

Household Shopping List.jpg