our philosophy + PROCESS

The fact that you're here is a good indication that wedding photography & videography is important to you. It's important to us, too! We are really laid-back, but we take what we do very seriously. You put a lot of trust into your photographer, and we’re honored to carry that responsibility. You’ll spend more time with your photographers than any other vendor on your wedding day, so it's really important to us that we can be friends and have a good time together! 

Our style is very candid, raw, and artistic. We want to see you be YOU on your big day — that means minimal posing direction from us. We strive to curate an environment for raw love and connection. We love crazy dance parties, seeing you cry (in the happy way, of course), PDA, first looks, fun bridal parties, and seeing people let loose and live fully in the present.

As your wedding photographers, take full confidence in knowing that we are constantly looking out for the candid, beautiful moments that truly tell the story of your wedding day.

They took an already special day, and made it a million times better.
— Shannon + Patrick
I wish I could give Shelley and Portugal more than 5 stars. They cared as much about our day and capturing every moment as we did.
— Megan + JD




You will never get this day back, so please don't settle for anything less than photographers who understand what really matters.

Priceless memories + emotions preserved for all time; your legacy for generations to come. This is a gift that only gains more value as time passes, and will be around long after you are gone.



If you’re sitting there staring at your screen internally yelling “YES YES YES. We need Shelley + Portugal to be part of what we’re doing!” …then scoot on over to the connect form (linked below) and get in touch! (P.S. Please don’t spare any details when telling us about the two of you + your story. We want to make sure we’re all a good fit for one another before we lock in any deposits and sign any contracts!)