When Carolyn + Abhishek initially approached us about their unique wedding day, we were equal parts ecstatic and intimidated — two long, traditional ceremonies in one day, two wardrobe changes for the entire wedding party, and multiple locations between them all. My logistical brain was worried about how all of this would pan out, but when Carolyn told us that the goal was to merge both her and Abhishek’s family’s cultures into one beautiful day, respecting & celebrating both traditions equally, we knew it would mean incredible photographs. And because we knew the coordinator could pull it off, so we said yes. ;)

We joined the party the night before the wedding, starting with the mehdni ceremony. All the women were decked out in a rainbow of fabrics, and many of them took turns dancing for Carolyn while she had her bridal henna applied. Doting relatives rubbed turmeric on the bride + grooms’s faces. Seeing so many beautiful, exciting, colorful traditions in one night was surreal for us as photographers.

Bright and early the next morning, everyone got ready for the first ceremony of the day — a full Catholic mass. Beaded, colorful sarees filled the pews, and an Indian priest performed the sacred ceremony. It was a beautiful visual of acceptance and the marriage of cultures.

After a short break, everyone headed back to The Galt House to get ready for the second ceremony. Abhishek’s mother & aunties were all buzzing around the bridal suite helping Carolyn get ready (she pulled us aside and told us how much it meant to her that so many of her new relatives were “making her beautiful” for the Benghali Hindu Ceremony that afternoon.) The long ceremony went so late into the afternoon that we had to race outside immediately afterwards to catch the sunset for photos! heading to the hotel penthouse restaurant for an all-night party (one of the most fun receptions EVER.)

This day was special + beautiful and hard to sum up in words. We’re really honored that we got to document all the tradition + emotion.


Watch the highlight video we created, too!


They met while he was hitch-hiking in her home country of New Zealand. When he had to go back home, she realized just how much she missed him. After years of friendship, thousands of miles apart, knowing they were soulmates, but just waiting for the right timing, they both realized it was time to pursue love together.

This is a glimpse into the love between Heno + India.


Vanessa + Justin flew from China to get married in her hometown. They were probably two of the smartest people we’ve ever met, and we spent a good part of the day laughing at their antics. The day itself was gorgeous (shoutout to Ivory Grace Event Planning — the best around) but what stood out the most was their carefree attitude about it all. If they were ever bothered or worried about things going wrong, we could never tell. And a good majority of the guests were at the venue long before the ceremony began, just to hang out & get ready together. If your wedding day is an expression of your life together, then this day was goofy + carefree + together + bold all at the same time — what a wonderful statement to make.