I am SO glad you're here, friend. 

To say that our Young Living business has blessed us would be an understatement. For us, this business has changed the way we dream about our future. It has made us think BIGGER about how we can use our time in this life.

I want parents to be able to stay home with their children. I want adoptions to be fully funded. I want needs to be met. 

I want this for everybody.

I'm guessing you've heard about the incredible Young Living Income Opportunity, and maybe you're just looking to get your oils paid for. Or, maybe you're a stay-at-home parent in search of a way to work from home, on your own time. Maybe you're in need of a second stream of income, and self-employment is appealing to you. Or perhaps you're really, really tired, and your job is draining you. You've worked hard for years, and you feel you have no free time to enjoy life, and you're looking for a way out.

Regardless of what your "why" is, the Young Living Income Opportunity is an open door for ANYONE. You can take the Referral Program and run with it - make it what you want it to be, and do as little or as much as you'd like.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is not a pyramid scheme. This is a job. But it will reward you far beyond any job you've ever had, I can guarantee that.

We are INCREDIBLY blessed to have amazing leaders who pour their hearts into educating us & providing all the resources we need to succeed. Let's take advantage of the treasure we have at our fingertips!

Are you brand-spanking new?

If you just got your kit, or if you've had your kit for a while and you're finally checking out the business opportunity, here's my best advice:


I recommend you share oils with those closest to you first. Be a good listener, and find out what your loved ones' needs are. Share PanAway & Copaiba with your brother, Lavender with your mother, Stress Away with your best friend (this is why those little sample vials come in your kit!) Your family & friends are the best place to start, because you can be direct and open with them. Plus, they want to support you, right? I encourage you to help a family member or close friend sign up for their own Premium Starter Kit first. You will have just helped them be one step closer to living chemical-free, and Young Living will send you a $50 thank-you check just for doing so. Pretty sweet, huh? Just be sure to spend 50pv in the same month so you can be eligible to receive that check. It doesn't matter if you enroll 1 or 10 people this month... you only ever need to spend 50pv to get your "thank-you" referral check.



Our team is adamant about putting people first. We don't look at people as if they're open wallets. Our desire is to educate on the dangers of the products we use blindly every single day, and show them a better way. We know the dangers of picking up cleaners, makeup, and even DRYER SHEETS from the store without reading the ingredients... hormonal imbalance, fertility disruption, respiratory issues, or worse. We're choosing a better way and we're showing others how to do the same. 


  • Be a product of the product. If you aren't ordering all of your household products, makeup, laundry soap, supplements, oils, etc. through Essential Rewards, then how in the world do you expect anyone you sign up to do it?! Although the minimum to be on Essential Rewards is 50pv per month, you really need to order 100pv each month on ER so you can *really* get to know these products. [Vanessa, our Platinum leader, says she remembers when 100pv was out of the question for their family's budget when they first started using Young Living... but she found a way because she wanted to do this business. In order to qualify for any of the Young Living ranks, you have to spend 100pv a month, no matter if you're a Star or a Royal Crown Diamond. Vanessa saw the value, and she knew that 100pv a month mean that she would be VERY well educated on Young Living's products, and that she would be helping to make her home chemical-free simultaneously. For me personally, I set a goal to enroll at least 2 friends per month, so Young Living would send me a $100 check to cover my 100pv order. There's always a way!]
  • Meet the needs of others lovingly. Share DiGize with your friends after lunch. Bring your Stress Away roller to work and pass it around. Have a new momma friend struggling with a fussy little one? Make her a sample of Gentle Baby, and maybe a Lavender roller for her to use at nighttime! Don't be afraid to share the products that have worked for you. It's no different than recommending a brand/restaurant/coffee drink you've been loving recently!
  • Host an Essential Oils 101 class. Don't overcomplicate this! It's as simple as inviting people over who you know could benefit from using essential oils (aka everyone!), telling your story, and sharing with them why Young Living essential oils are the best in the world. Here's all the resources you need to host your first class. 
  • Enroll. Follow-up. Plug-in. Repeat. When someone signs up with you, you're committing to be their "oily guide." No, you don't have to be aromatherapy-certified, or be an expert in the field, to do this. We have SO MANY RESOURCES for you at your fingertips. When you enroll someone, send them a welcome email and ask them if they'd like for you to add them to the Floral + Pine Facebook group. In here, we all help educate on another - so that means that pressure is off of you, as the enroller! Which leads me to my next point...
  • Show up in Floral + Pine!!! Whether you are a new Distributor or a Platinum, you need to be showing up in the Floral + Pine Facebook Group! Ask questions, start conversations, post a seasonal diffuser blend, share an oil that's been working wonders for you lately, etc. You want your people to see you in Floral + Pine (believe me, they WILL see everything you post/comment on!) Set the example for them to follow, and encourage them to explore all that Young Living has to offer be leading with your actions.


That is your first task, young grasshopper.

Don't know how to enroll someone?

Log into your Young Living account. Click "My Account." Copy your member number, go here, and paste your member number into the Sponsor and Enroller slots. Click "Get My Link." Viola! Send your custom signup link to anyone who wants to grab their own kit. To do this, they will make sure that your member number is inserted into both the Sponsor/Enroller slots, ensure that "Member" is checked, and then they will select the Premium Starter Kit and the diffuser they'd like (or, they can get a Thieves, Ningxia, or Savvy Minerals kit.)

Easy peasy!



I know this can all seem veryyyyy overwhelming when you're getting started. But please, keep moving forward, ask questions, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't overcomplicate this! This is all a learning process, but don't neglect the resources available to you! These are FREE tools for you to utilize... so get in there, girlfriend! There are systems in place that make this simple and fool-proof for you, taking all the guesswork out.



First awesome free resource you need to take advantage of is BOOTCAMP.

Start here, with The Referral Program.

Once you've gone through all the posts in there, join The Mentor Network.

Once you go through these, you can join our amazing community groups.



Here are the main groups our team has access to. You should already be in Floral + Pine and The Oil Collective Community (if not, feel free to request to join and we'll approve you!), but these are groups specifically for business building. In here, you'll find encouragement, inspiration, live videos from our leaders, and please know that you're always free to ask questions or post anything that you feel compelled to share in here too. Trust me, no one is going to make fun of you - everyone in here is very, very loving and supportive, and we want to get to know you better!


GOLDEN GIRLZ (the business group for The Oil Collective)



A quick note on Oily IPA... this is a group designed by our leaders, Vanessa (Floral + Pine Platinum leader) and Jami (The Oil Collective leader, our Diamond upline). Every single weekday of the month, they post 1 task to do that day to grow your business. IPA stands for "income producing activity," and if you take their advice and do the one daily task each day, you are BOUND to see growth. Oh, and pssst... this group costs everyone else $30/month to be part of, but for us it's FREE. To join, you must have already gone through The Referral Program and The Mentor Network first. Please don't neglect this AMAZING free resource!

Once you're part of these awesome groups, try to hop in and check them once daily! Turn off notifications for those groups if it's too overwhelming for you - just try to check in and see what you missed, and contribute to the conversations. Get to know other people in there - we're all part of the same family, and we're all cheering each other on!



One resource I can't recommend enough to new business builders is The Gameplan book by Sarah Harnisch. This book is an easy read, and is chock-full of valuable information that will help you succeed. If you can't afford this book right now, let me know and I will send you my personal copy... seriously!!

Click here for class scripts / images / and graphics you can utilize!



Okay, recap.

You're in the groups. You understand the referral program, and you understand the value of being a Young Living member, utilizing Essential Rewards, and helping others do the same.

Now, it's time to get to work! Your goal now is to hit the rank of STAR. Let's talk about how to make that happen!

You have everything you need to succeed. Here's my advice for getting started and keeping the momentum going. 



Why are you even pursuing this? Think about this really hard... speak it out loud, or write it down. And please note: it doesn't have to be anything long-term or lofty. Maybe you just want to get your 50pv minimum Essential Rewards order paid for each month. Maybe you're trying to cover your house payment with your Young Living paycheck. Whatever it is, write it down, and keep it where you can see it. Bonus: List 5 freedoms you want for your family; could be financial needs, family vacation, giving, paying off debt, helping family.

Now, let's make a game plan for how to make it happen.



One of the most valuable qualities you can have in this business is being a good listener. LISTEN to people, and strive to meet their needs. Carry samples around of some "staple" oils... Joy + Citrus Fresh for emotional support, Thieves for immune support, Lavender for sleep and anxiousness support, Stress Away for... well, you get it! Keep these in your purse so you can whip them out while you're out and about running into people. When you go to the store, your kids' swim meet, or you're in line at the post office, keep your head up and keep your heart open for conversations with others. Put oils in people's hands (enough for 1-2 uses is all you need to give away) and let them see the magic happen themselves. Even if you aren't the most social butterfly, this business will turn you into a GREAT listener, and thus a great friend & confidant! 



Learn to SHOW UP for people daily. Bring meals to new mamas. Take meals to people on the street. Volunteer at events. Buy coffee for strangers. One way you can start small with this kind of mindfulness is putting stray shopping carts into the parking lot caddy. You've just made a Kroger employee's job a little bit easier, and you may never ever meet them! I carry Thieves rollers around to give to homeless people and train-hopping kids that we meet - do you think they'll ever buy a kit from me? Probably not! But, I believe in this product and I want to help as many people as I can with it.

What you put out into the world you WILL get back. People notice the things you do and say. You never know who is watching you, and who wants to do what you're doing. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Do these things, and expect NOTHING in return... and see everything come full circle. 



Next, make peace with the fact that you sell essential oils. It's just the truth! This doesn't have to be weird, guys. We care about people first and foremost, right? So be a human being, and not a robot! Start with the people closest to you when it comes to starting out sharing oils. Have conversations with people, listen to what they're saying to you, and share your oils when appropriate. 

Host a class in your home and invite your circle of friends to come learn about living a chemical-free lifestyle and incorporate essential oils into their lives. Do a make-and-take together, like an immune support roller, a lavender linen spray, Thieves Household cleaner, etc. This isn't something where you trick people into coming to your house to hear your business pitch, and it's not where you pass a catalog around at the end. This is just building community, education people, and then listening to what their needs are.



We have class scripts and advice for how to have a successful class (the tools are here for you - use them!!) as well as graphics you can utilize and so much more. Afraid of talking to a group of people? Huff some Valor and just try it out anyway! Start with your friends, because they love you and want to support you. Try doing online classes as well, or just setting up lunch dates with people who want to learn more about essential oils. There are TONS of ways to make this happen. Be bold and confident in your "why" and that will drive you forward when the going gets tough! I once read advice from a Royal Crown Diamond on three things you should focus on each month: have 2 classes, find 2 leaders (business builders), and talk to three people a day. That's not so hard, is it?



Okay, so you're enrolling your friends/family/coworkers, but there is a LOT more to Young Living than just the Starter Kit. Ever wonder how Diamond rankers garner 250,000 OGV every single month? Because their members love Young Living and faithfully buy their oils, household products, baby products, kids products, pet products, supplements, makeup, etc. through Essential Rewards, because it's the best program ever. (No, Diamonds don't enroll 2,500 people per month. Unless they're aliens, or something.)

This is what we call residual income. You can hit any given rank in Young Living without enrolling any new members yourself, but you have to work for it first. That happens when you are educating people on the products, telling them why they should be ordering monthly through the Essential Rewards loyalty program, and helping business builders grow their own Young Living business. 

"But, I feel bad about asking people to spend more money!" You aren't asking people to do anything! They came to you to discover more about the incredibly remarkable power of essential oils, and you told them that you would educate them. You failing to tell them how they can ditch-and-switch the MAJORITY of their household products, buy trusted, natural products from Young Living instead, make 10-25% back on their orders every month, AND earn free products each month is doing them a disservice! Tell them why YOU'RE obsessed with it. I always tell people that this makes natural living affordable for us. It's like a monthly subscription box, but I decide what goes in it. When people come over and comment on my HUGE oils stash, I tell them that half of those oils were free promos that Young Living sent me with my monthly order. I send people bundle ideas for Essential Rewards orders here!


7. find leaders! (and print out the income disclosure)

I promise you, these will make sense over time! Just focus on enrollments and helping people get on Essential Rewards for now (read: educate others, meet people's needs, LOVE PEOPLE. We aren't trying to just sell kits and move on. We're trying to help people the best way we know how.) Print out the Income Disclosure and circle the rank you'd like to be a year from now. If you circled "Silver," (hint: you should definitely circle "Silver" - you got this, girlfriend), you need to start thinking ahead to how you're gonna get there.

Take a look at the compensation plan... To reach Silver, you must have 10,000 OGV (with 4,000 of that in 1 leg, and another 4,000 of that in a second leg), and 100 PV that you spend on your personal Essential Rewards order every month. You can't get there alone, so be sure to share the income opportunity with every member you help enroll. It's as simple as this, "So, Young Living has this amazing referral program that makes it really easy to get your oils paid for. If you help one person enroll to get their own kit, Young Living will send you a $50 "thank you" check. It's awesome! I know people have built entire businesses off of this concept. It's cool that you can do as little or as much as you want with this opportunity." And show them how to enroll using their member number. If they're really interested, tell them that we have entire Facebook groups to help educate them and guide them if they ever want to try to make this a side hustle or full-time income.

Don't be afraid to talk about the income opportunity when you're enrolling. You never know who is looking for a second stream of income, a way out of a dead-end job, or just time freedom to be home with their family. We aren't pushing anyone to do anything - we are simply letting them know what perks are available to them as a Young Living member, and we are providing them with the resources to do so!


As I've said before, you can do as little or as much as you'd like with the income opportunity. There are systems in place that you can follow to rank up quickly, if you want to. But here's the thing: if you treat this like a hobby, you're gonna get paid like a hobby. If you treat this like a job, you'll get paid like it's your job.

For many people, this is an "in the cracks" job, meaning they work their Young Living biz in the cracks of time between taking care of kiddos, working another job, and other life events. I know people who have been able to quit their jobs to focus solely on this, and I know women who have retired their husbands from their corporate jobs because their Young Living paycheck covered everything. You can totally have this if you want it. And if you want it, I want it FOR you. I'm here for you to help you with whatever you need!

Just remember...










If something isn't working for you, try something else. The Facebook groups are an invaluable resource to us as we work to grow our business. We're all in this together! Now, get out there and chase your dreams down!