Wedding guestbook albums are 10x10 inches and size and come with 10 base spreads (20 pages) and metallic foil-debossed cover logo and a spine logo. Spreads are creased in the center for a seamless layflat design, and additional spreads (2 pages) can be added for $4.50/each. Our albums are printed on semi-matte photographic paper.

 We will design your guestbook album with your input in mind. In your online engagement gallery, create a favorites list of 15-40 photos you'd like to see in your album (or more, if you'd like to add more spreads.) We will pull from that collection when designing your album, and we may even suggest some of our favorite images to use as well. We will send the final designs off for printing once you are totally satisfied with the layout. We will hand-deliver or ship it to you for free in a protective, keepsake box.

10-spread 10x10 Wedding Guestbook
holds 30+ images



Your cover logo and spine logo can be tailored to your liking in either a modern sans-serif block font or a classic serif font. Though we only offer two fonts, the style possibilities are endless.  All caps, all lowercase, just your initials, whatever you like! We are also happy to make recommendations if you are unsure. Choose between metallic gold, metallic copper, white, or black for your foil color. If you would like to preview specific fabric and foil combinations, please ask and we'll be happy to show you.